Air purifier model MTK-AP03

  • Coverage area 72 sq.m.

  • Filtration system by pre-filter, active carbon filter and HEPA13

  • Disinfection system by Anion to capture microorganism in the air

  • LED touch screen

  • Air quality monitoring by intelligent function

  • Child lock feature

  • Remote controller

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Air purifier model MTK-AP03

MASTERKOOL Air purifier model MTK-AP03 gain new experience of fresh air with the CADR 600 m3/hr and covered area 72 sq.m. 

Masterkool air purifier


Covered area 72 sq.m.

CADR 600 m3/h
Air quality monitoring by intelligent function
5 speeds adjustable
ON/OFF timer up to 12 hours
PM2.5 real-time monitoring by LED display

Superior air purifier

Superior air purifier

The Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M.The King’s Patronage (EIT) recommended the air changes per hour is 4 or every 15 minutes the air will be replaced by supply and/or recirculated air within area 150 cubic meters per hour.

Spreading pure air

Spreading pure air

Provided higher Clean Air Delivery Rate; CADR 600 cubic meters per hour to remove contaminants such as dust, pollen and smoke from the air. Moreover, its can adjust the speed up to 5 steps.

High speed smoke purification

High speed smoke purification

MASTERKOOL air purifier AP-03 increases the air flow then get more pressure and circulation thereby a smoke will be removed immediately 


Breathing clean air

Breathing clean air

Anions create an electrical field that generated negative ions then released into the air. Its will capture the dust particles and fall to the ground.

Intelligent function

Intelligent function

Monitoring air quality with effective sensors and reports by lighting on the screen. The light will appear with a green light indicating excellent air quality, blue indicating good, yellow indicating fair and red indicating bad.

LED display

LED display

Showing PM2.5 by real-time monitoring.

Child lock feature

Child lock feature

More safety with child lock feature which is ensured that your settings are not accidentally changed.

High filtration efficiency

High filtration efficiency

with 3 stages filtration; pre-filter, composite activated carbon filter and hepa class 13 filter.

Thicker air filter

Thicker air filter

Sizing of Hepa filter is 49 x 33 x 6.5 cm. The depth in 2.5 inchs tend to last longer because it has more area to capture and hold air particles. Class13 hepa fillter removes 99.9% of dust particles, PM2.5, bacteria and viruses 

Remote controller and easily moved

Remote controller and easily moved

Air purifier model MTK-AP03 can be controlled via remote controller. The dimensions is 47.9 × 26.9 × 71.7 cm and the weight is 10.9 kg. It has heavy duty caster wheels making it easy to move the unit around most spaces.

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    Additional information

    Weight 10.9 kg
    Dimensions 47.9 × 26.9 × 71.7 cm

    72 sq.m.

    อัตราการส่งผ่านอากาศบริสุทธิ์ (CADR)


    75 W


    220 V/50 Hz



    5 speeds 1-2-3-4-5-Auto

    เซนเซอร์ตรวจจับอนุภาคฝุ่นละอองในอากาศ PM2.5


    จอแสดงผล LED ระบบสัมผัส

    ระบบแสดงผลคุณภาพอากาศ PM2.5

    LED แสดงสถานะคุณภาพอากาศ


    Up to 12 hours



    <=69 dB

    โหมดพักผ่อน (Sleep mode)

    โหมดอัตโนมัติ (Auto)







    1 year


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