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Intregated Greenhouse

The system helps in increasing productivity of the plants, the animals grow quickly, control diseases and prevent insects.

In general, the best temperature for plant to grow is 20-25 degrees and humidity between 50-70%. High temperature within the greenhouse causing plant damages, poor quality productivity and eventually it can make the plants die and deteriorate the greenhouse faster.

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Increase productivity

Reduce temperature
Increase humidity

Increase air circulation in the area

Reduce the loss rate of plants

Reduce plant stress

Prevent insect pests

Evaporative Cooling System for Greenhouse

The system uses fan to draw in the hot air from outside into the machine through wet honeycomb (Cooling Pad). When the hot air gets through wet cooling pad, it evaporates and resulting in cool and fresh air releasing from the machine. Remaining water from the evaporation process will be circulated within the system and clean the dust and dirt that comes with the outside air. This helps in increasing efficiency of the Evap system as well.

Cooling Pad

  • Made from high quality cellulose paper which is coated with special chemical that makes it durable and corrosion resistant. The paper thickness is 105 grams.
  • The cooling pad has its ability to absorb water and transfer water quickly and evenly. It is also incorruptible even if it is being be used alternately in wet and dry condition for a long time.
  • It can be used with water in all climate all conditions and easy to clean. Just manage to change the water regularly and properly.
  • It is widely used in the greenhouses, animal husbandries, food industry, textiles, electronics, including shopping malls, etc. The cooling pad has its lifespan of 3-5 years.

Components of Evaporative System

Products specification
Height (H)180 cm
Width (W)
60 cm
Depth (D)
15 cm
Height of flute (h)
7 mm
Angle of flute (α)
Angle of flute (β)
Gram of Kraft paper105 gram
Weight2.3 kg
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