We provide the solutions to reduce heat problem and improving air quality
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Innov Green Solutions

We provide the solutions to reduce heat problem and improving air quality.

Evaporative Cooling System
The system is generated cool and clean air and deliver cold air into the factory. Our system have an excellent “Cooling pad” which is highest heat exchanger efficiency
Air Conditioning System
The system can be adapted for any purposes to provide full efficiency. To distribute coolness throughout the area by VRF, air & water cooled chiller and direct expansion coil system.
Ventilation System
To design the ventilation system on customer desired for air ventilation, reducing temperature and eliminating pollution.
Clean room
Clean room is designed to control particles, temperature, pressure, atmosphere and humidity following the federal standard 209E.
Cold plasma system
The system is designed for odor and gas removal from production processing and eco-friendly.
Integrated Greenhouse
The main aim of integrated greenhouse is to offer an appropriate environment for high-yield production while protecting plants from adverse climate conditions and SMART FARM management controller.

Improving water quality than ever because of we are a professional.

Ozone system for Cooling tower
Ozone system is applied for disinfection and water treatment instead of chemical which is a cause of scale and corrosion.
Ozone system for Evaporative condenser
Ozone can be reduced blowdown and decreased the chemical which is used for water treatment. Moreover, it can be killed the microorganism as a sanitizer in water.
Ozone system for Swimming pool
Ozone swimming pool has no effect on eyes or skin while it destroys microorganisms in water 3,125 times faster than chlorine.
Ozone water
Ozone water can be adapted for surface cleaning and disinfection example for food & beverages container, fresh meat event or fruits. Additionally, ozone can be cleaned toxic and pesticide that contaminants from food.
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NGREEN Evaporative Cooling System Generate Cooling Reduce Heating

create cool air and filter the air to be clean. It delivers cold air into the air duct system using high-powered fan. Cold air flows through lightweight insulated ducts that maintain the air to always be cool.
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Mobile air cooler

Mobile misting fan

High pressure & misting system

Air purifier

Disinfectant products

Smart water dispenser


Specific design on your desired We have an engineering team who expert on design and site surveying

We realize the diversity business have a different condition such as processing, machine or working area. Therefore our customer’s problem have to fix by INGREEN professional engineer.

Site survey and design consultation please add Line @innogreensolutions or call us on 0969364628, 0878057691

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