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Clean Room

A closed chamber with the environmental conditions including particles, temperature, air pressure, humidity, air flow pattern, vibration, light and microbial within the chamber is controlled.

Just knowing what kind of cleanroom that you need, we provide INDUSTRIAL CLEAN ROOM (ICR).

Just knowing what kind of cleanroom that you need, we provide INDUSTRIAL CLEAN ROOM (ICR).

Industrial cleanroom

It is possible to have a clean room in any industrial areas to prevent dust, virus, bacteria and particles suspended in the air, control temperature and control humidity.

Positive pressure room

adjusts the pressure within the room to be higher than the outside, pushes dirty air to not get into the room.

The system keeps the room being cleaned by allowing air and contaminants to flow out through the filter and intake clean air through the filter back into the room like the essential rooms in food industry, electronic device or even in the hospital’s operating room, delivery room, etc.

Negative pressure room

adjusts the pressure inside the room to be lower than outside to prevent air in the room from spreading out.

The system traps the air and contaminants within and not allow to flow outside, such as disease isolation rooms, cold rooms, food storage rooms, etc.

Clean & Safe system certified by
Federal Standard 209E (FEDSTD-209E) of the United States.
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