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Ventilation System for Industrial

INGREEN offers ventilation system design and installation services, reduce the heat, increase fresh air and entirely reduce pollution in the workspace. The system is suitable for all factories, warehouses, restaurants, and all types of industrial buildings.

Ventilation for Industrial plant

It is bringing fresh air from the outside into the workplace (Factory or production plant) and eliminate indoor air that is contaminated with dust or unwanted substances.

Ventilation System

Ventilation System in the factory is designed to improve working environment, make it safe for employees and eliminate or control contaminants released to the environment.

Ventilation can be done by opening windows (natural principal)

or use a fan/blower (Mechanical method). Common pollutants will be removed by using ventilation systems including combustible vapors, welding fumes, dust, mold, asbestos fiber, oil mist, toxic chemicals, moisture, etc.

Ventilate pollutants trapped in the workspace

Heat, various forms of pollutant can occur anywhere from the ceiling to the floor. Efficient airflow and technology-optimized equipment can help in removing pollution from the workspace.

INGREEN is available for service. With our experience and expertise in solving heat problems and integrated ventilation systems
Constantly feel the fresh air

Circulating the air (Air Change) within the area continuously by drawing in the fresh air. This will reduce the heat level in the area and helps in dilution the contaminated substance in the air as well.

Maintain temperature and humidity

Maintain temperature and humidity at the comfortable level because inappropriate temperature and humidity may cause illness, irritability, uncomfortable condition to the people in the area and make them unable to work.

Reduce fire and explosion hazards

Cold and dry weather with good ventilation system will allow the electrical equipment and machine works well and reduces risk of explosion or short circuit.

Eliminate or dilute airborne contaminants

The system helps in reducing contaminants in the air by mixing contaminated air with clean, fresh air to reduce the concentration of pollution.

Specifically designed to match with industrial requirements

We have the experienced engineering team to design and conduct the site survey in all areas nationwide. Since we know that in each industry or certain business, there are different problems and limitations whether it’s the work process, the machine, the operation area. Therefore, we have to send expert engineers who understand the problem and know how to solve it. This is to adjust the system to suit the usage conditions.

Mechanical ventilation systems
Dilution ventilation

It is a kind of ventilation to reduce the concentration of pollutants which contaminate in the air inside the workplace by diluting them with fresh air from outside until the concentration of such pollution is level down and not harmful to health or it does not cause any trouble such as unpleasant odor.

Mechanical ventilation systems
Local exhaust ventilation

Rely on the principle of extracting pollution and contaminated air from the origin directly. This process will be conduct before the pollution contaminates most of the air in the area. The ventilation system operation consists of 3 important elements: hoods, ducts and exhaust fan. as mentioned previously. Besides, ventilation systems may also be equipped with pollution control devices or air cleaners where necessary.

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