Air sterilizer model AS60

  • Ozone generator to eliminate becteria, viruses, yeast and mold in air

  • UV generator to kill microorganism

  • Active plasma ion generator to destroy microbial

  • H13 hepa filter to control fine & ultra-fine particulate matter

  • Safety light sensor to announce that ozone is working

  • Safety movement sensor to detect human and pets activity from ozone

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Air sterilizer model AS60

Kill microbes through the air conditioner and no chemical residue.

Air sterilizer


Covered area 60 sq.m.

Safety sensor
3 speed adjustable
Ozone timer up to 120 minutes
Easy to move
Remote controller

Cleaned air

Cleaned air

through the air conditioner

Ozone can be killed viruses, bacteria, molds and eliminated odors by cell lysing or rupture of cell walls. 

Air disinfection by Ozone

Air disinfection by Ozone

Eliminate airborne contaminants

Eliminate airborne contaminants

Plasmacluster ions generated positive and negative ions. When both ions stick to the surface of viruses they transform OH radical and draw out Hydrogen from spike protein of viruses after that its will degrade. The radical return to water (H2O).

Active plasma ion technology

Active plasma ion technology

Active plasma ion

generate positive (H+) and negative ions (O2-)

Effect on mold and viruses

destructure of viruses

Ion turn into water and return to the air

create water molecules (H2O) revert to the air.

Entrap airborne microorganisms

Entrap airborne microorganisms

with medical-grade filters

HEPA filter class 13 captures viruses, molds and bacteria which larger than or equal to 0.3 microns and remove 99.9% of allergens.

UV technology

UV technology

UV radiation kills germs, fungi, viruses, bacteria at a wavelength of 300 nm.

Compact and easy to carry

Compact and easy to carry

The dimensions is 24 × 24 × 58 cm and the weight is 5.2 kg. You can take its in everywhere that you needed to sterile.

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    Additional information

    Weight 5.2 kg
    Dimensions 24 × 24 × 58 cm

    55 W


    400 mg/h


    2 million units/m3


    300 nm


    HEPA 13


    15-120 minutes


    1 year


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